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Transgender Athletes in CrossFit 

Transgender Athletes

Transgender athletes will be able to compete in the CrossFit Games.  Currently athletes are not able to compete, if they are transgender. This has been in play from the start of CrossFit formation.  Under the new rules, athletes are able to compete in accordance with their self-identified gender rather than their birth sex.  The new policy starts in 2019 CrossFit season.

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman, who co-founded the popular fitness regimen and organization, announced the policy change last Friday at the Pro-LGBT CrossFit Group. During the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

2019 CrossFit Season

2019 CrossFit competitive season, starting with the Open, transgender athletes are welcome to participate in the division with which they identify. Glassman was quoted, “This is the right thing to do.  CrossFit believes in the potential, capacity, and dignity of every athlete. We are proud of our LGBT community, including our transgender athletes, and we want you here with us.

Glassman made the announcement at an event that was hosted by a CrossFit group called OUTWOD.


OUTWOD is the largest international initiative for bringing together LGBT+ athletes and their allies to raise funds for local charitable organizations and sweat together in a safe, inclusive group fitness environment.

Out Foundation Executive Director Will Lanier told Them that there have been over 5,000 LGBT athletes that have competed in OUTWOD events and he called the policy change “magical.”


CrossFit, which has over 13,000 gym affiliates across the world, was sued  by transgender athlete Chloie Jonsson for $2.5 million after he was prevented from competing in the women‘s division of the CrossFit Games.  At the time, CrossFit doubled down on its policy requiring athletes compete in accordance with their biological sex. To find out more on this story, click on the link below.

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Source: CrossFit Changes Policy to Allow Transgender Athletes to Compete

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