Save on Body Gear Now

Save on Body Gear Now


Body Gear is what you will find at Basicbodykneads and More! Ranging from Leggings to Shoes, We keep up to date with the latest Gym Gear for CrossFit to Yoga workouts.. Stop in to find Over the Knee Socks for your leggings, Yoga Pants, or just Everyday wear.

We wanted to share some awesome savings that we came across, from Leggings, Shoes, and Over the Knee Socks. To  Boots and Sneakers to get you ready for the Gym or after your work out.

Leggings Are In

Leggings are making their way back to stay. From pre-teens to adults working out at the gym or at home taking selfies!! Take a look at some of The Hottest Leggings on the Market.

Stay Healthy and Fit

Stay Healthy and Fit by checking out some of our up to date articles located on the side. Around the World with CrossFit

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