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Thank you for stopping by Basicbodykneads & More. Sit back and enjoy the site, by visiting Our Blog Page Here.  Here at Basicbodykneadshealth and fitness is more than just your body, its your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

We try to provide you up to date information on Health & Fitness, to just  Eating right.

Working Out

When it comes to working out, you want to stay up to-date with clothing, shoes, and Body Gear.  Comfort is far more important than fashion at the Gym.  So take some time and plan your purchases on clothes that feel good.  Before working out, try on workout wear, it is important that you bend and stretch or jog-in-place to make sure your clothes fit good. If you purchase ill-fitting clothes, you may find yourself adjusting your garments throughout your workout and spending less time hitting the bike or kettle bell

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